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beth david men's club

Hello, I am Lenny Samet, the Men’s Club president for the coming year, I have a goal to revive the Men’s Club and hopefully make it better. However, I need your help to accomplish this goal. We will need your participation. If you attend some events and help on just one event, we can have a great year, and I am sure you will be glad you did just a little.

I have been given a list of activities that the Men’s Club has had in the past. This is a great list, and some of these items are important to all of Beth David members like the Mother’s Day Breakfast. However, I want input from you as to what you want the Men’s Club to do and be. Please help me, but it is YOUR Men’s Club.

Once a month Sunday Morning Bagel Breakfast to discuss events.

Kosher Cookout

Organize greeters for the High Holidays.
Set up chairs and Machzors for High Holidays.
In the past we would set up the sukkah between the Holidays. The new sukkah should take two to three people to set up. Look for updates to volunteer.
Return chairs and books back to the racks and shelves. • Possible opportunity to take down the sukkah.

Veteran's Day display and host the kiddush luncheon. Some years we have found a speaker.
Help the Synagogue with the Chanukkah celebration. One year we brought in Sumo wrestling.

Men’s Club Shabbat and National Tefillin Wrap Day. Historicaly the second weekend in February or AKA: Superbowl weekend. We may add a Super Bowl viewing event.

Fast of First Born - we provided bagels, cream cheese and OJ.

Yom HaShoah candles fundraiser. We already have the candles. This year we’ll need to prepare in April.
Mother's Day Brunch - This takes months of planning. The entire Synagogue wants this back.
Mitzvah Day Breakfast with Temple Emanuel Brotherhood - This year it will be back at the Synagogue. Ken Cherry is our go to guy for this event.

In the past, we would host the Israeli Scouts. It’s been a while since we have done that. Suggestions are welcome for new event.
Father’s Day event, possibly with Temple Emanuel Brotherhood. They have asked about a softball game or maybe a pickleball tourney, but definitely a family event. We can continue to discuss.

Put these events on your calendar, so we can plan on a big year. I will be in contact to ask what events you want in addition to these. Or if you are opposed to any of these, please let me know.

Thu, September 21 2023 6 Tishrei 5784