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beth david fund descriptions

Eternal Light Fund: Supports Beth David’s greatest needs. This is our main donation fund.

Beth David Operating Fund: Supports Beth David’s daily operations

Building Contribution: Supports Beth David’s building needs

The Bootsie and Harold Gutterman "A Gracious Plenty Fund: Feeding Greensboro": Donations help to fight food insecurity and hunger in Greensboro

Chumash Fund: Each donation of $144 buys a Bible for Beth David.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Funds for the Rabbi to use as needed.

The Alan A. Leff Fund for Jewish Engagement and Spirituality: Supports programming which enhances community engagement and spiritual needs.

The Bernard and Nancy Gutterman Endowment Fund for Visiting Scholars: Helps bring visiting scholars to Beth David.

The Evelyn and Joseph Robinson Family Fund for Operational Use: Supports general operational and administrative needs of the synagogue.

The George and Muriel Hoff Camp Ramah Endowment Fund: Provides scholarships for youth to attend Camp Ramah.

The Hilda Frahm Endowment Fund for Education: Supports educational programs and initiatives at Beth David.

The Leonard & Tobee Kaplan Rabbinic Endowment Fund: Provides support for a Rabbi at Beth David

The Michael Berkelhammer Endowment Fund: Supports general needs for administration and programming.

The Tanger-Nehmen Family Education Fund: Supports programming for family education.

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