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Rabbi Havivi Ashray Academy

A self-guided program for all Beth David children

Follow these steps to become a member of this prestigious group:
     1.    Download and print a copy of the Ashray
     2.    Find the audio files at the bottom of the page or here.
     3.    Study the Ashray alone or with others
     4.    Lead Ashray for the congregation at Weekday Mincha (3 times) and on Shabbat morning (3 times)

On the Shabbat that you lead Ashray for the third time you will be inducted into the Ashray Academy:
     a.    The presentation of the Ashray Academy certificate
     b.    Receive official Ashray Academy swag
     c.    Have your name added to the Ashray Academy Plaque

If I can help you prepare during the process, please be in touch.  Good luck with your learning!

Jason Cathcart
Director of Congregational Learning

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyyar 5784