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COVID-19 Response


Dear Beth David Family,

In the days, weeks and even months ahead, we are going to do everything we can to maintain the connections in our special community while keeping everyone safe. The most important thing we can do right now, is slow the spread of the virus. Flattening the curve, as it is called, will lengthen the amount of time it takes the virus to spread. We might not get over it as quickly, but it will allow our healthcare system to better handle this crises.

Social distancing and self quarantining are the best ways to do this. With that in mind, the building is officially closed except by specific invitation.  Additionally, we are taking every cleaning precaution available to us, including a full sanitization today.

Each and every day, your staff will be examining the changing circumstances and adjusting our approach according to the best and most up to date advice.

Maintaining our sense of connection and purpose through this crisis is also vitally important. To start, we are streaming our daily minyan and offering at least one class each day.  Please do not come to Beth David for these offerings, we encourage you to logon if you'd like to join and if you need to say kaddish.  You can contact Rabbi Ben-Gideon if you have questions. Jason will also be reaching out to our families with children about ways in which he will lead their education using digital means.

Are you looking for a way to help out? We anticipate a time when people in our community will be shut in ill or under quarantine. In preparation we are looking for volunteers to help prepare meals in our kitchen. We will package these meals in small portions and then freeze, ready to deliver to people in need. We will also develop safe ways to deliver and limit risks of infection.  Please click here to let us know if you would like to be contacted to help in this endeavor.

We are also looking for a GoPro to assist with our live streaming needs.  If you have an extra one that you are willing to donate to us, please contact Corie.

We look forward to connecting with you virtually!


Current Happenings

Below you will see a comprehensive list of upcoming events and what our plans are at this time regarding whether to hold them, postpone them or cancel them outright. 
One Time Events:
Booksale: Postponed to as yet undetermined date
75th Anniversary: Postponed to as yet undetermined date
Synagogue Second Seder: Canceled— look for opportunities to host or be hosted
Kaplan Bar-Mitzvah: Postponed until Fall
Mitzvah Day: Canceled—instead volunteer to help in our community
Yom Hashoa: Not determined yet
Yom HaAtzmaoot: Not determined yet
Teen DC trip: Not determined yet
Israel Trip: Postponed to February 2021–info to follow

Recurring Events:
Daily Minyan:  Interactive Live Streaming                                   Kabbalat Shabbat: Interactive Live Streaming                               
Shabbat Morning: Interactive Live Streaming                                
Adult Education Classes: Interactive Live Streaming                                     

All Classes will be held by live streaming via Zoom, which allows the classes to be interactive.
You can ask questions, join discussions, and be part of it all.
We will also have a conference call number so you can call in if you are not able to access the online classes. If you would like to dial in by phone, please contact the Synagogue and we will get you that information.

Please click here to be taken to the Online Learning Page.

Please click here if you are interested in volunteering.

Mon, May 25 2020 2 Sivan 5780