2013-2014 Board of Trustees


Don Henza , President
Ben Kahn, Vice President
Lew Weinstock Vice President
Dan Wolf, Vice President
Steve Friedland, Vice President
Sara Jacobs, Secretary
Stuart Kaufman, Treasurer
David Gutterman, Immediate Past President
Trustees (elected for a 3-year term ending 2016)
Kevin Daniels
Stanley Hammer
Ronnie Grabon
Trustees (remaining in office until 2015)
Jennifer Rosenbluth
Adele Weinstein
Michele Gordon
Trustees (1-year term ending in 2014)
Tomas Levi
Greg Gertz
Brian Kaiser
Presidential Appointees
Kathy Kraus
Mike Berkelhammer
Non-elected, non-voting Ex-Officio Members (serving a 1-year term ending in 2014)
Men's Club President
Sisterhood President
Chair, Budget and Finance
Chair, Building/Grounds/Security
Chair, Education
Chair, Religious Life
Chair, Leadership Development
Chair, Chesed
Chair, Strategic Planning
Chair, Endowment
Al Geiger
Marsha Cohen
David Kriegsman
Kevin Ossey
Rick Schneid
Lewis Weinstock
David Gutterman
Michele Gordon
Gerry Natkin and Ronnie Grabon
David Gutterman

Beth David Staff

Rabbi Havivicontact-mindy-kutcheiLia SaterBoaz Avraham Katz
Rabbi Eliezer Havivi
Mindy Kutchei, Interim Executive Director
Lia Sater, Director of Programming and Congregational Services
Boaz Avraham-Katz, Director of Youth Education
Philip SilverControllerKathy ClontzSteve Shub
Phil Silver, Hebrew Instructor
Lucy Smith, Controller
Kathy Clontz, Front Office Administrator
Steve Shub (pictured) and Joy Thomas
Facilities & Kitchen